Greater Noida Authority Housing Scheme 2024 – Online Application, Last Date

Greater Noida Authority Housing Scheme – The Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority (GNIDA) is in charge of the city’s planned development, which is carried out in Uttar Pradesh’s Gautam Buddha Nagar district. The authority works on residential and commercial projects and provides a variety of amenities and infrastructure. The GNIDA offers a number of programs for purchasing commercial, residential, and apartment-style real estate. In accordance with its programs, the authority frequently holds online auctions for the applicants.

Many investors looking for property possibilities in the area are interested in the numerous initiatives launched by the GNIDA. Read the article below to learn more about the Greater Noida Plot Scheme 2024.


Greater Noida Authority Housing Scheme 2024

Under the UP Industrial Area Development Act of 1976, the Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority (GNIDA) was established in January 1991 to oversee the planning, management, and development of Greater Noida. The Greater Noida Authority has been aggressively attempting to develop a city full of connectivity, commercial and industrial routes, and housing choices for homebuyers. Noida is frequently thought of as an extension of Greater Noida. The GNIDA has attracted a lot of interest from investors by announcing Greater Noida land proposals. The official GNIDA website is where the authority keeps track of all the data linked to its schemes. In order to assist you, the most recent GNIDA plot schemes 2023 are presented below.

YEIDA Plot Scheme

Greater Noida Authority Housing Scheme Details in Highlights

Name of the scheme Greater Noida Authority Housing Scheme
Launched by GNIDA
Number of residential plots available 166
Location/Greater Noida Sectors Sector- 2 (Blocks- F and B), Chi- 3 (Blocks- A and E), Phi- 3 (Block- D), Delta- 2 (Blocks- J and K), Delta- 3 (Block- O), Sigma- 1 (Blocks- A and B), and Sigma- 2 (Block- C)
Objective to oversee the planning, management, and development of Greater Noida
Official Website

Objectives of Scheme

The Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority (GNIDA), which opened Greater Noida to residential, industrial, commercial, and institutional prospects, has been crucial to the region’s development. The authority regularly publishes plot plans and actively holds e-auctions for chosen candidates.

Noida Authority Plot Scheme

Allocation of multi-story apartments and built-up houses

Applications are being accepted by the Greater Noida Authority for the allocation of independent houses (Scheme Code: BHS-18/LOH-02) and multi-story apartments (Scheme Code: BHS-17/LOF-04) in Greater Noida. The distribution will take place “as is, where is.” basis. Although the programme began on July 10, 2023, prospective buyers can apply from July 17 through August 31, 2023. The autonomous houses are situated in Greater Noida’s Sectors Xu 2 and Xu 3. Greater Noida’s different sectors have more multi-story or four-story apartments.

Scheme code Property type Sector Number of units Cost of unit Registration amount
Scheme Code: BHS-18/LOH-02 Independent house Xu 2 and Xu 3 77 Rs 73.41 lakh Rs 7.5 lakh
Scheme Code: BHS-17/LOF-04 2 BHK Omicron 1A 521 Rs 36.6 lakh Rs 3.6 lakh
2 BHK (Deluxe) Omicron 1 471 Rs 55.09 lakh Rs 5.5 lakh
2 BHK (Deluxe) Omicron 1A 18 Rs 49.49 lakh Rs 5 lakh
3 BHK 12 75 Rs 83.85 lakh Rs 8.4 lakh
1 BHK (Furnished) 12 221 Rs 28.38 Rs 2.8 lakh
1 BHK Mu 2 81 Rs 10.17-12.55 lakh Rs 1.1-1.3 lakh
1 BHK Xu 3 52 Rs 15.98-24.2 lakh Rs 1.6-2.4 lakh
2 BHK Eta 2 17 Rs 43.62-63.43 lakh Rs 4.4-6.4 lakh
3 BHK Omicron 1 39 Rs 52.22-79.83 lakh Rs 5.2-8 lakh

Documents Required to Apply

When submitting an application for the housing program, the applicant should ensure that the following documents are available to them:

  • A scanned passport-size photograph with a size no more than 100×100 pixels
  • A scanned copy of the affidavit as per the format mentioned on the portal
  • Proofs legitimating the address, age, nationality and identity of the applicant

Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana Urban

Eligibility Criteria for Greater Noida Authority Housing Scheme

Following are the Eligibility Criteria Greater Noida Authority Housing Scheme

  • By downloading the application form from the website, any Indian citizen who is at least 18 years old may apply for one or more plots.
  • In the event that more than one plot is requested, each application must be submitted separately.
  • Identification proof, such as a PAN Card, driver’s license, passport, or Aadhar Card, among others, would be requested if the application is made on behalf of another person.
  • Applicants who fall under the reserved category (Greater Noida villagers) must produce a real certified copy or other evidence of land purchased by GNIDA.
  • The applicant and their spouse or dependent children may not already have a plot, flat, or independent house given by the Greater Noida Authority for the Greater Noida Residential Plot Scheme 2024. Additionally, under this plan, the applicant’s spouse and dependent children will be treated as a single unit.

Application Process for Greater Noida Authority Housing Scheme 2024

Following is the application process for Greater Noida Authority Housing Scheme

  • The steps listed below should be followed when submitting an online application for the housing programme:
  • Click the following link to access the official GNIDA website:
  • From the available schemes, pick “Applicant category and payment plan”. The system will direct the user to sector- and area-specific housing possibilities after the payment plan has been chosen.
  • The applicant must next choose the desired plot or unit within the selected sector.
  • After choosing the appropriate area, the registration fee will be computed based on the choice.
  • After deciding on the best housing option, the system will request applicant information, including identification documents, photos, and bank information.
  • The applicant must verify the accuracy of the information regarding the housing plan they have selected before submitting the form. The information must be verified and submitted.
  • The system will create an application registration number after the information is submitted, which should be stored for future needs.
  • Submit the application form and undertaking via the Internet.
  • Following the submission of all documents, the processing cost (which is non-refundable) and registration charge (which is adjustable) must be paid through an online payment gateway.

Bidding Process for Scheme

  • The Authority has asked all applicants to make sure they have a reliable internet connection because the e-auction procedure would be entirely dependent on internet access.
  • The same day is probably chosen to conduct the bidding for the identical-sized plots and EMD.
  • Lower than the reserve price or allotment rate, the Authority will not accept any bids.
  • The Greater Noida Shop/Kiosk Plot Scheme 2024 will boost the reserve price or allotment rate by 10% if the plot is within a kilometre of the metro route.
  • If the auction lasts until the final five minutes of the event’s closing time, the bidding period may be extended by 15 minutes.
  • A bid once filed cannot be withdrawn by the applicant
  • There will be two seven-day extensions to the bidding period if there are fewer than three bidders for a plot. After two extensions, the land will be offered to the highest bidder.

The Allocation Procedure

  • Within 30 days following the e-auction, the Authority will send allotment notifications to successful applicants.
  • For the shop/kiosk plot scheme, the deadline is 90 days from the issuance of the allotment letter, whereas for the residential scheme the full plot price must be paid within 60 days.
  • Any failure to make payments by the deadline may result in the bid being cancelled and the Authority forfeiting the EMD.


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