Google Bard vs ChatGPT, Which is Better ? Features, Use, Benefits

Google Bard vs ChatGPT – The most well-known artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots in 2023 are Google Bard and Chat GPT. The chatbot launched under artificial intelligence, similar to ChatGPT, is Google Bard. Through its work, the new AI has completely changed the world. Both of them encourage human interaction and aid in supplying solutions to any queries one might have. Read below to get detailed information related to the Google Bard vs ChatGPT like highlights, what is ChatGPT, What is Google Bard, Login Process, Comparison between ChatGPT with AI Google Bard, and much more


Google Bard vs ChatGPT Details in Highlights

Software Name ChatGPT Google Bard
Created By Open AI Google
Developed In San Francisco
Initial Release date November 2022 February 2023
Software Type Chatbot Chatbot
Language Uses Google’s LaMDA language model Google’s LaMDA language model
Official Website

What is Google Bard

Google Bard is a brand-new chatbot that was introduced as part of artificial intelligence. The language Model for Conversation Applications is used by Google Bard, which has been under development for a long time. The same features as ChatGPT were available when it was published in February 2023. It makes use of the same GPT-3 language model as ChatGPT. Bard answers clients’ questions in plain terms using information from the internet. Bard is currently undergoing beta testing. It assists with activities like making bookings, arranging meals, and scheduling vacations, among others.

How to Download Chat GPT

What is ChatGPT

The world has been captivated by the newest technological advancement, the ChatGPT, also known as the Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transformer. The San Francisco-based startup OpenAI is the one that created the AI language-based approach. Users are free to use the ChatGPT chatbot, however, as of right now, it can only be utilized on web browsers. On devices running Android or iPhone, there is no app for the same. Users of ChatGPT must visit on their browsers to take advantage of the service’s features. It can comprehend human language because it is built on the large language model. Since it is free to use, it has become quite well-liked in the corporate sector since its release in November 2022.

Google Bard vs ChatGPT, Know Differences

Although ChatGPT and Google Bard are natural language AI chatbots that are extremely similar, they differ in several respects and, for the time being, are intended to be utilized in various contexts. Although ChatGPT has been utilized to provide straight responses to inquiries, it has also shown an outstanding capacity for creative writing, even though it has occasionally had issues with accuracy and plagiarism. This has alarmed white-collar workers including authors, SEO gurus, and copy editors. However, Microsoft has integrated ChatGPT into its Bing search engine to allow users to ask direct questions rather than using keywords to discover the best results. It is also integrated into the Teams collaboration tool, and a limited version of it will soon be available on the Edge browser. Moreover, Opera has promised to incorporate ChatGPT in the future.

Google Bard was primarily created to enhance Google’s search tool, but it is also meant to become an automated help tool for companies without the resources to hire support teams of people. Customers will be able to purchase it from a skilled AI responder. Soon, it will probably be incorporated into the Chromium-based Chrome browser. Google is anticipated to eventually make Google Bard available to outside developers. Google Bard and ChatGPT both employ Google’s LaMDA language model as their internal language models, respectively. While Google Bard is developed on data provided in recent years as well, ChatGPT is based on significantly older data and is limited in its current GPT3 model to data received before 2022. It doesn’t always mean that it will be more accurate though, as Google Bard has had issues with giving the wrong responses to queries ever since it was first introduced.

How to Use Chat GPT

ChatGPT Login Process

To use the AI ChatGPT, users must go to the original website to do so. Although the mobile application for this AI has not yet been released, it is anticipated that it will do so shortly. Users must sign up on the website to use the GPT 3 AI, and to do so, they must access the website exclusively through a web browser on any device. You must enter your email address and mobile number on the official website to log in to, after which you can post questions. Following that, the response will be displayed on the screen.

Google Bard Login Process

The public has not been given access to the Google Bard Login. Google Bard will be made publicly usable in the upcoming weeks, according to the CEO. About how to gain access to Google Bard, there is no confirmation. Those who follow breaking news should wait until information on using Google Bard is released. Nonetheless, certain users have the opportunity to use the Google App’s Google Bard Beta Version. By launching the Google App, you can see the chatbot option and determine whether Google Bard is active on your mobile device. You must type your query into this box, and Google Bard will respond.

Comparison Between ChatGPT with AI Google Bard

Comparisons can be drawn between Google Bard and ChatGPT since they are both AIs that make use of the GPT 3. Some of the main comparisons of ChatGPT with AI Google Bard area s follows:

  • Bard will present the most recent information from all the internet-based sources. Only a little amount of information about the events through 2021 is provided by ChatGPT.
  • ChatGPT creates a text from the context, whereas Google Bard simplifies complex issues to make them easier to understand.
  • The amount of data provided by Google Bard is enormous, whereas ChatGPT’s data is constrained by Microsoft.
  • Users can access ChatGPT for free, but Bard AI is not yet made available to the general public.
  • In contrast to Google Bard, which gives consumers more precise data, ChatGPT typically creates facts and fiction.


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