Karnataka Shuchi Scheme – school girls to get free sanitary pads from January

Karnataka Shuchi Scheme – The Shuchi Scheme, an initiative of the Karnataka government in India, will once again provide sanitary pads to school girls. The programme, which attempts to educate people about menstruation hygiene and give girls sanitary products, was put on hold for three years. On September 11 in Mangaluru, Dinesh Gundu Rao, the minister for health and family welfare addressed the audience after launching the trial programme for the free distribution of menstruation cups to pre-university students in government and government-aided colleges as part of the Shuchi Nanna Maithri project. In the districts of Dakshina Kannada and Chamarajanagar, the pilot project will be in operation. Read below to check the detailed information related to Karnataka Shuchi Scheme like Highlights, Objectives, Features, Benefits, and much more.


Karnataka Shuchi Scheme 2024

In 2013–14, the distribution of sanitary napkins to female students began. For the past three years, the previous BJP government has neglected to provide sanitary pads to female students. According to Dinesh Gundu Rao, minister of health and family welfare, the government will once again supply schoolgirls with sanitary pads through the Shuchi Scheme. The administration has released tenders for the sanitary pad distribution, which will start the next month. The Kantara renowned national swimmer, Sapthami Gowda claimed she also had to deal with a lot of challenges during her periods. Sapthami Gowda is the ambassador for the Shuchi-Nanna Maithri menstrual cups programme. Girls should not fall behind because of their periods because they excel in all areas.

The cups were used by only 60 pupils in the first month, which indicates a lower initial acceptance rate. The use of menstruation cups by children was occasionally met with resistance from moms. Additionally, the mothers received counselling from the health department therapists. Out of the total of 300 students, 272 had agreed to and were using menstrual cups at the conclusion of the pilot experiment.

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Karnataka Shuchi Scheme Details in Highlights

Name Karnataka Shuchi Scheme
Initiated by Government of Karnataka
Introduced by Dinesh Gundu Rao, the minister for health and family welfare
Introduced On September 11, 2023
Beneficiaries Girl Students of Karnataka
Beneficiaries Age Group 10 to 18 years.
Objective To provide menstrual cups to students

Karnataka Shuchi Scheme Objective

Sanitary pad disposal is an extremely difficult process. The proper disposal of sanitary pads is still a big problem, even in Bengaluru, a major metropolis. By using sanitary pads from the beginning of her period until the end, a woman produces 200 kg of garbage on average, which adds to environmental degradation. The use of a menstrual cup is the best option because it lasts for roughly eight years. Menstrual cups are becoming more popular among women worldwide. Girls used to miss at least five days of school just because of their periods. The menstrual cups are convenient to use and may be used continuously for eight hours.

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Features of Karnataka Shuchi Scheme

Some of the key features of the Karnataka Shuchi Scheme are as follows:

  • The programme, which had been put on hold for the previous three years, would resume educating people about menstruation hygiene and providing sanitary napkins to young women
  • After launching the distribution of Shuchi-Nanna Maithri menstrual cups to girls of Dakshina Kannada and Chamarajanagar districts here on Monday, he announced that the sanitary pads will be provided for schoolchildren starting next month.
  • For the Shuchi project, the government has released a tender for the distribution of sanitary pads to female students.
  • The government will revive the initiative to provide 40 lakh sanitary pads to pupils between the ages of 10 to 18 years.
  • For the project, which is expected to cost Rs 20 crore, four divisional tiers of tenders have been issued.
  • The Maithri menstrual cup campaign of the state government has actress Saptami Gowda as its brand ambassador.

Benefits of Karnataka Shuchi Scheme

Some of the key features and benefits of the Karnataka Shuchi Scheme are as follows:

  • Under the Shuchi-Nanna Maithri scheme, around 15,000 menstruation cups would be given to PU students in government and aided schools in the Dakshina Kannada and Chamarajanagar districts.
  • Depending on the response, the plan will be expanded to all districts in the state.
  • Even today, menstruation is considered taboo. Menstruation must be discussed in public in order to break the taboo around it. Nothing unclean is present in it. It is only a biological process, nothing more.
  • More females should utilise menstruation cups and serve as ambassadors in their communities by raising awareness.

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Karnataka Shuchi Scheme Application Process

Students need not apply anywhere to get the benefits of the scheme. Concerned schools will be provided with sanitary pads and all the eligible school girls will avail of these pads for free from their respective schools.


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