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Ksheerasree Portal – Farmers in Kerala can go to Ksheerasree, Kerala to find answers to questions about dairy cooperative societies, dairy farmers, the dairy development department, and other things. This portal teaches you how to farm milk in a modern way. The Kerala government has been making plans to set up the Ksheerasree Portal so that dairy farmers in the state can get benefits. In this article, we will talk about ksheerasree.kerala.gov.in Portal and what its main objectives and benefits are. Besides, we will learn how to use this portal and how farmers can benefit from it.


Ksheerasree Portal

The Kerala government has been making plans to set up the Ksheerasree web portal so that dairy farmers in the state of Karnataka can get incentives. Currently, as of 2022, about 2 lakh farmers in the state are giving milk to 3,600 milk cooperative societies.

Ksheerasiri Kerala is an app that helps dairy cooperative societies like Dairy Farmers, the Dairy Development Department, Milma, etc. by giving them services and solutions. About 320 farmers signed up on this online portal to get benefits like a workflow engine, Role-based dashboard, e-payment, milk sales, and so on. The plan of the state government is to have everyone sign up for the portal. From August 15 to August 20, a special drive will be held for the same reason. This scheme is beneficial to farmers as well as to the government. The more farmers will enroll in this, the more the state will flourish and the dairy products will as well.

Ksheerasiri, Kerala has mobile apps that make it easier to do things like buying milk online, sign up dairy farmers, and have milk picked up by agents.

Kerala Labour Registration

ksheerasree.kerala.gov.in Details in Overview

Web portals name Ksheerasree Portal
Introduced by The government of Kerala
Main objective to provide online services and payment facilities to dairy farmers.
Applying Procedure online
Official website ksheerasree.kerala.gov.in

Ksheerasree Portal Objectives

The goal of Ksheerasiri Kerala is to make modern, thorough, and honest dairy farmers with the help of ICT technology to run the state’s data management system. Ksheerasiri Kerala is a web app that aids dairy cooperative societies like Dairy Farmers, the Dairy Development Department, Milma, etc. by providing services and solutions.

Kerala Saranya Self Employment Scheme

Ksheerasree Portal Important Points and Benefits

  • This Ksheerasree Portal was established in order to unite all of the state’s dairy producers.
  • This scheme provides incentive benefits to farmers.
  • Ksheerasiri, Kerala has mobile apps that make it easier to do things like buying milk online, signing up dairy farmers, and having milk picked up by agents.
  • Ksheerasiri, in Kerala, has the most up-to-date equipment for dairy farming.
  • This platform will boost dairy farmers’ openness and online payments, preventing cheating. This means no fraud will happen to them doing business through this portal
  • Farmers will obtain a smart ID after registering at ksheerasree.kerala.gov.in.
  • The Ksheerasree Kerala site has a function that allows users to automatically set their rates via the portal.
  • Accuracy in accounting is improved by the use of this portal.
  • A fully automated milk procurement system may be accessed via this site.
  • Ksheerasree portal allows for cashless transactions and paperless work to take place.
  • Ksheerasree Kerala portal will be responsible for all of the analyses and reports, and it will contribute to the decision-support system.
  • In Ksheerasree, farmers from Kerala offer comprehensive information on the land, livestock, and fodder cultivation on their properties.
  • Ksheerasree Kerala sends out notifications to officials throughout the state on pending tasks and those that have been delayed.

Kerala Job Fair Registration

Ksheerasree Portal Eligibility

In order to register yourself, you need to fulfill some points:

  • The applicant must be from the state of Kerala
  • Candidates who are interested in working in a service related to dairy producers can finish the registration.
  • The advantages are available to dairy cooperative societies, dairy farmers, and the dairy development department.

Documents Required

The documents needed for registering on this portal are:

  • Aadhar Card of the applicant
  • Passport size photographs
  • Bank account
  • Ration card Holder.

Samagra Kerala

Ksheerasree Portal Farmer Registration Process

All applicants can register on the official website of the Ksheerasree Portal

  • The home page will be shown to you, and there you have to click on the farmer’s registration option in order to register yourself.
  • Then a new page will be opened in front of you with the name of the signup and you have to fill in the details as shown.
  • First you have to fill in the Aadhar card number of the applicant and their mobile number.
  • Now click on the button to send OTP, which will be sent to your mobile, and you have to enter the OTP received on the mobile to verify it and then click on the submit button.
  • And you will be successfully registered.

Ksheerasree Portal Login

You have to visit the official website of the portal.

  • On the homepage, you will find the option to log in.
  • A new page will be open.
  • You have to enter the credentials, the user ID, and the password.
  • User IDs can be your smart ID, your Aadhar number, or a user ID that is created by the admin of the department.
  • After that click on the submit button and you will be successfully logged in to the portal.

How to Avail Subsidy on Ksheerasree Portal

  • Visit the Ksheerasree Portal, choose Services from the homepage, and then click on the Subsidy option.
  • You must choose the desired scheme by clicking the “Apply Scheme” button after viewing all available programs and subsidies.
  • You will be required to log in after clicking, and once you have, you can apply for the scheme.


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