Noida Authority Plot Scheme 2024 – Online Application, Brochure, Eligibility

Noida Authority Plot Scheme – The Noida Authority has launched several plot-related initiatives to assist residents in affordably purchasing residential, commercial, or industrial plots. To purchase plotsunder this scheme, applicants must participate in a bidding-auction procedure that is administered by the Noida Authority. This article will walk you through the complete Noida Authority Plot Scheme registration procedure, including the requirements, necessary paperwork, and other pertinent information.


Noida Authority Plot Scheme 2024

Real estate developers with stalled projects have been ordered by the Noida Authority to open escrow accounts. Since the Noida Authority and real estate developers will jointly manage these accounts, it will be challenging for them to divert monies designated for one Noida Authority Plot Scheme to other endeavors. By taking this action, the authority hopes to raise more than Rs. 7,000 crores from the city’s realtors. Realtors have been urged to put half of the entire amount collected for a project in their escrow account.

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Noida Authority Plot Scheme Details in Highlights

Name of the scheme Noida Authority Plot Scheme
Launched by Noida Authority
Objective to assist residents in affordably purchasing residential, commercial, or industrial plots
Last date June 30 2023
Application Process Online
Official Website

Objectives of Noida Authority Plot Scheme

According to information provided by the authorities, real estate developers have frequently diverted funds to unrelated projects, which has caused delays in the projects for which they were intended. They also failed to pay the Noida Authority’s land cost as a result of doing this. The Noida Authority’s approach will reduce financial abuse while boosting dues collection procedures’ transparency. Out of the total number of developers, 59 have already opened the escrow account, and the remaining 55 are anticipated to do so shortly.

Features of Noida Authority Plot Scheme

The Noida Development Authority intends to introduce new residential developments in the city’s Sectors 43 and 44. These group housing developments will use an arranged e-auction approach to distribute plots. On June 10, 2023, the administration opened the application period for these group housing proposals. The application deadline for the same is June 30, 2023. The group housing developments in Noida’s Sectors 43 and 44, respectively, cover plots of two different sizes, measuring 41,145 square meters and 13,800 square meters.

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Application Process of Noida Authority Plot Scheme

To apply for their preferred Noida Plot Scheme, interested buyers must first create an account on the Noida Authority portal. The candidates have to make a non-refundable deposit of Rs. 20,000 (excl. GST) to submit their application and take part in the online e-auction.

Types of Plot Schemes

Find below the types of plot allotment schemes the Noida Authority offers.

  • Industrial Scheme
  • Commercial Scheme
  • Residential Scheme
  • Group Housing Scheme

Key Details of Plot Summary

Here are a few important details of different types of Noida Plot Schemes.

Category Noida Sectors Number of Units Area of Flats Price Range
Lower Income Group Sector 52, 61, 71, 82, 93, 99, 118, 135 314 66.82 Sq. Mt Rs.45 Lakh to Rs.76 Lakh
Middle Income Group Sector 62, 99, 135 5 74 Sq. Mt. to 91 Sq. Mt. Rs.66 Lakh to Rs.90 Lakh
High Income Group Sector 62, 99, 135 16 153.57 Sq. Mt. Rs.1.39 Crore to Rs.1.74 Crore
Duplex Units Sector 62, 99, 135 3 180 Sq. Mt. Rs.1.50 Crore to Rs.1.90 Crore

Noida Authority Plot Scheme Codes

The scheme codes for the various Noida Authority Plot Scheme categories are listed below. When submitting an application for a plot using their selected scheme type, applicants must include this code.

Types of Noida Plot Schemes Scheme Codes
Industrial Plot Scheme NOIDA/IP/e-AUCTION/2022-23(o1)
Commercial Plot Scheme 2022-23 (COMMERCIAL BUILDER Plot-I)
Residential Plot Scheme RESIDENTIAL PLOTS SCHEME 2022(I)
Group Housing Plot Scheme GROUP HOUSING PLOTS SCHEME 2022-23 (I)

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Eligibility Requirements for Noida Authority Plot Scheme

The qualifications you must fulfil to apply to purchase a residential plot through the Noida Plot Scheme are listed below.

  • The candidate must be a citizen of India.
  • The applicant must not have received a home or land through a government program.
  • The applicant must be at least 18 years old.
  • Through the Noida Plot Scheme 2024, only the applicant, his/her spouse, or children can apply for a residential plot.

Required Documents to Apply

The list of documents needed to apply for a plot under the Noida Plot Scheme is provided here.

Types of Documents Documents Required
Registration Documents Aadhar Card PAN Card Driving License Voter ID Card Passport Birth Certificate Registration Certificate MOA of the Society
Additional Documents for a Partnership Firm Partnership Deed Forms A & B (Issued by the Firm Registrar)
Additional Documents for a Company MOA (Memorandum of Association) AOA (Article of Association) Incorporate Certificate (Issued by the Firm Registrar) Incorporate Certificate (Issued by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs) LLP Partnership Firm Agreement
Additional Documents for a Trust Trust Registration Certificate/Deed

Document and Registration Fee

The registration and document submission fees for each kind of Noida Plot Scheme are listed below.

Types of Noida Plot Schemes Registration Fee Document Fee
Industrial Plot Scheme Not Disclosed
Commercial Plot Scheme Not Disclosed
Residential Plot Scheme Rs.2,300 Rs.2,500 + Rs.450 GST
Group Housing Plot Scheme Rs.20,000 + 18% GST

How to Apply Online for the Noida Authority Plot Scheme

You can apply online for your favourite Noida Authority Plot Scheme by following these easy steps.

  • Visit the Noida Authority’s (New Okhla Industrial Development Authority’s) official website.
  • Click on the Live Land Allotment Scheme button in the Citizen Interface Section by scrolling down.
  • You may find all the different forms of the Noida Plot Scheme on the next web page. Choose the option that best suits your needs.
  • Select the Noida Plot Scheme section, then click the Apply Online button. The Industrial Plot Scheme, for instance.
  • You’ll be directed to the SBI e-Tendering portal once you’re finished. Find the plot that you like best by searching. The land rates for the Noida Authority are also available here.
  • Complete the application, supply the required documents, and pay the registration price.
  • In order to finish the registration procedure, submit your application.