Telangana Ration Card List 2024 Online Check, District Village Wise

Telangana Ration Card List makes it easier to get groceries at a discounted price. The government-given commodities are the only ones that qualify for the discount. A ration card is a document that instructs the holder to get subsidized food grains and other necessities from the public distribution system (PDS), however, it does not apply to all products. Read the article below to learn more about the TS Ration Card List 2024.


Telangana Ration Card List 2024

With the help of a ration card, members of the lower social strata can purchase food grains and pulses at a reduced cost. A ration card is a piece of identity that grants its holder cheap access to food from the Public Distribution System. In addition to allowing its holders to purchase food, the ration card serves as identifying documentation throughout the country. On the department’s official website, you can now view the Telangana Ration Card List by district and village. If you would like help verifying the list, would like to know how to check the status of an application, or would just like to learn more, please review the content on this page in the areas below.

Telangana Pink Ration Card

Telangana White Ration Card

Praja Palana Application Status

Mahalakshmi Scheme Telangana

Ration Card List Telangana Details in Highlights

Name Ration Card List Telangana 2024
Initiated by Food and Civil Supplies Department, Telangana
Objective of Telangana Ration Card To provide food, education, and medical benefits to the residents of the state at very low prices
List Release Date 22 January 2024
Documents Required to Download List Aadhar Card, Address Proof
Official Website

Telangana Ration Card Benefits

In Telangana, possessing a ration card can afford you several advantages, including:

  • Subsidised food grains and other necessities are available at PDS stores.
  • One is utilising the numerous social programmes and financial aid that the federal and state governments provide.
  • A proof of identity and residence can be obtained for a number of reasons, including opening a bank account and applying for a passport.
  • Under reserved quota, you are eligible for preferential admission to institutions and universities.
  • In addition, you are using your right to vote and obtaining a voter ID card.

Different Types of Ration Cards

The people of Telangana receive three different kinds of ration cards from the government:

  • Cards for the Antyodaya Anna Yojana (AAY): The poorest households are given these cards, which entitle them to 35 kg of rice per month for Rs. 1 kg each.
  • Cards from the Annapurna Yojana (AP): These are given to elderly people in need who qualify for a monthly allowance of 10 kg of free rice.
  • Priority Household (PHH) cards are given to homes that qualify for 6 kg of rice per person per month for Rs. 1 per kg but are not covered by the AAY or AP categories.
  • In addition to rice, the fair price stores (FPS) or e-PoS devices provide ration card holders with discounted prices on wheat, sugar, salt, kerosene and other goods.

Telangana Ration Card Eligibility Distribution

Read the table below to learn about Telangana Ration card eligibility distribution.

Ration Card Type Commodity Rates (per kg/ Ltr.) Quantity Supplied
AFSC cards Wheat Rs.7/- 2 kg per card per month in Municipal Corporations
Rice Rs.1/- 35 kg per card
Sugar Rs.13.50 1 kg per AAY cards only
Salt Rs.5.00 1 kg per card
FSC cards Rice Rs.1/- 6 kg per person
Wheat Rs.7/- 2 kg per person
Sugar Rs.13.50 1 kg per AAY cards only
Salt Rs.5.00 1 kg per person
AAY cards Rice Free 35 kg per card
AP cards Rice Free 10 kg per person

Objective of Telangana Ration Card List

The principal aim of the government’s release of the district- and village-level Ration Card List 2024 in Telangana state is to enable the state’s citizens to view their name on the list and verify the status of their ration card, thereby enabling them to obtain information regarding the ration card list. They can save time and money by not having to go to any office to check their name.

Telangana Ration Card List Advantages

The following is a list of the specific advantages that Telangana state’s residents will receive from the Ration Card List.

  • State residents will be able to view the Telangana Ration Card List online while seated at home, broken down by district and village.
  • The state’s residents will save time and money because they won’t need to visit any offices.
  • From the comfort of their homes, state residents will be able to verify the status of their ration card.

Eligibility Criteria

The government has established some qualifying requirements, the specifics of which are as follows, to verify the released Telangana state ration card list.

  • The names on the list are only visible to Telangana state citizens who have submitted an online application for a Telangana Ration Card.
  • The Ration Card List Telangana is only available to people of Telangana state who are permanent residents.
  • Having all the required paperwork is essential to view the name in the updated ration card list.
Required Details

The details of important details that the citizens of the state will need to check Telangana Ration Card List District-Wise and Village-Wise are as follows.

  • Ration card number
  • Card type id
  • Head of the family
  • House Number
  • Reference number
  • MRO/ASO approved date
  • Card pool type
  • Mobile number
  • Mail id
  • Etc.

How to Check Telangana Ration Card List 2024

The steps involved in checking the names on the Telangana Ration Card List, both at the district and village levels are given below.

  • On the main screen, select the Reports option by clicking.
  • Proceed to the Ration Card Reports option on the subsequent page, then select the FSC Card Status Reports option.
  • Presently, District Wise You will see the Ration Card List Telangana and be able to choose your district.
  • Click on your office’s name now.
  • The list will now appear, and you can download it in PDF format.


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